Health and fitness

Arts for health

Increase mental health, well-being, confidence and social connection through art. Two groups are scheduled: a men's group and a women's group.

First Aid for Seniors

Understanding some of the common first aid medical situations that older adults face can help you prepare for possible emergencies.

Panton Hill Walking Group

Join this fortnightly social walk along various trails in the Panton Hill area led by a Walk Coordinator.

Discovering dance

A fun way to exercise with a friendly, relaxed group. Explore different dance styles and learn basic and intermediate dance techniques.  Thursday mornings. 

Fitness on the Hill

A FREE, safe, fun and low impact exercise class at Panton Hill. 

Music, mindfulness and movement

Move, relax and gain strategies for managing life's ups and downs.

 Qi Gong

Gentle movements, with awareness and breathing, to move the qi around the meridians of the body, releasing energy blockages and restoring balance. 

Strength, control and balance

A variety of exercises and movement patterns to help you feel stronger in body and mind. Designed to build strength, core control and improve balance

Tai Chi

Join this gentle exercise group for meditation and core strength and more.

Table Tennis - men's social

Get some exercise while connecting with others in this fun and friendly social group.

Walking groups 

Get out and about, take in some fresh air walking at your pace with these friendly groups.