The annual exhibition of Living & Learning Nillumbik artists and makers.

Each year we hold an exhibition at the Eltham Library Community Gallery which showcases the work of our current participants and tutors and celebrates the diversity of activities, abilities and people who come together to share, learn and connect at Living & Learning Nillumbik. 

The exhibition is organised by a team of volunteers. 

We have averaged 70 individual entries each year in this event.

"Presenting art to the community at the sparkly end of the year feels humbling, generous and empowering! The exhibition is a nice way to round off the year."

"Seeing our collective efforts on display makes me feel a little bit proud of our creative spirit as well as thankful for our wonderful local facilities."

When: Wednesday 13 November 2024 to Sunday 15 December 2024

Where: Eltham Library Community Gallery, Panther Place, Eltham 

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm.

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 13 November 2024, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Announcement of award winners: Thursday 12 December 2024

How to enter

Entries open: 18 July 2024

Anyone who has participated or tutored in a Living & Learning Nillumbik visual arts, textiles or crafts course, co-op or MakerSpace in 2024 can enter.

Work can be entered that you have primarily created at one of the Living & Learning Nillumbik centres, or that has been inspired or informed by a course you have participated in during 2024. Entries are limited to one per person regardless of the number of different courses you may have done.

There are limited spaces and limitations on the size of work. Read the terms and conditions of entry for further details.

The entry fee is $12 per individual artist.  This entry fee helps us to cover the costs associated with the coordination of the exhibition during the year and includes the cost of venue hire, facilities, resources, administration, promotional materials and the opening celebration catering and room hire. There is no fee for participants who are 17 and under.

Exhibitors gain exhibition experience, including the expertise of a professional curator, and the opportunity to display their work to the wider community. 

Please note: Entries may close early if all display spaces are allocated prior to the official closing entry date.

Exhibition categories

diversARTy 2024 – 2D individual

An individual’s art work, framed or unframed, to be displayed on the wall. Art work size is not to exceed 1m in width.

diversARTy 2024 – 3D individual

An individual’s art work to be displayed on a plinth or in a cabinet. This could also include video, leadlight that does not require a window or other non-2D artwork. An artwork may comprise multiple parts, but must be a cohesive whole. Limits apply.

Group artwork

We encourage you to work with others to create a group or collective artwork. "Group or collective artwork" means one artwork created by multiple people. Please speak to Erin Elderhurst, Neighbourhood House Coordinator if you wish to enter a work in this category.  Fee will depend on the size of the artwork

Leadlight (window display only)

For those leadlighters wishing to enter work for display in the windows please speak to Bronwyn or Joy. There are limited windows to display leadlight, and the size of work is restricted by the size of the windows. Bronwyn and Joy will coordinate work to be displayed.  If you have leadlight or glass artwork that does not require a window and can be displayed on a plinth or in a cabinet, please enter the 3D category.

Artist statement

Each artist may provide a statement to be displayed with their work.

The statement should describe what inspired you to produce the piece of work you are submitting to the exhibition.

Your artist statement:

  • Must be no more than 50 words
  • May be provided as a Word document or in an email 

We reserve the right to edit the artist's statement in consultation with the artist, if necessary.

Making your art work ready for exhibition

You are responsible for ensuring that artworks are ready to be installed:

  • Ensure the title, your name and contact phone number is on your art work.
  • 2D works:

    • Have a look at the hanging system at the Gallery prior to installation and ensure your hanging wires are suitable.
    • D rings and suitable hanging wire (NOT cord) must be attached to framed works and canvasses.
    • Hanging wires must be suitable for the weight of the artwork.
    • Works on paper must be framed or have window mounts and must also have D rings and suitable hanging wire attached.
Installation date and details
  • Installation: Monday 11th November 2024

  • Bring your art work to the Eltham Library Community Gallery between 9am and 10.30am. It is very important that we have received all art works by 10.30am

  • If you cannot personally bring your artwork, please organise someone else to deliver it. If you are absolutely unable to find anyone to deliver your artwork, please contact us at info.livinglearning@nillumbik.vic.gov.au.

  • The exhibition will be taken down on Monday 16 December 2024. Please be at the Gallery between 8.30am and 10am to collect your art work or arrange for someone else to collect it at that time.

What to expect when you arrive at the Gallery:

  • You will need to check-in your work at the check-in desk. Volunteers will check that your work is correctly prepared for exhibition (see instructions above) and mark your work as received.

  • Please be patient, as there are a large number of exhibitors.

  • We would appreciate that you stay clear of the exhibition area once you have checked-in your art work.

Terms and conditions of entry
  • Deadlines must be adhered to.
  • The fee is non-refundable. 
  • There is a limit of one work per person, regardless of the number of courses you may have participated in during the year. Size restrictions and space limitations apply:
    • A 3D work may consist of multiple items, or be a set, but must be able to be displayed as a single work.
    • The maximum size for 2D works is 1 metre square. After the maximum of forty 2D works has been reached no other applications for 2D works will be accepted.
    • Works should be no heavier than 20 kg and must be stable and safe to be exhibited
    • Heavy 3D works (including up to 20kg) cannot be installed at height.
  • Works will be accepted in order of receipt of entry forms. Every effort will be made to accommodate everyone where possible, but space is limited - see above point.
  • You will be expected to:
    • Provide information for the catalogue by the deadline
    • Ensure your artwork is ready for installation (see above Installation of art works)
    • Deliver your art work to the gallery at the specified time
    • Follow installation guidelines
    • Promote the exhibition
    • Collect your art work at the specified time.
  • Work sold during the exhibition is expected to remain on display in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Work is exhibited at your own risk.
  • Please notify the office immediately if you intend to withdraw from the exhibition, as this may give others the opportunity to exhibit.
  • Art work is not covered by Council’s insurance and Council takes no responsibility for any theft, loss or damage to artwork during transportation or display at the Gallery.
  • Council is not liable for expenses incurred by exhibitors.
  • Council does not undertake comprehensive qualitative assessments of works exhibited by individuals or groups at the Gallery. However, Council expects at minimum that exhibitors are lawful at all times and accordingly consider issues of copyright, decency, slander and racism.
  • Council takes no responsibility for the content presented, and has the final say about whether or not works are displayed. 
  • The Gallery is not the responsibility of the Library staff. Please discuss any issues with exhibition installation, dismantling and openings with the Exhibitions Officer.
  • By entering this exhibition you are agreeing to images of your work being used for promotional material, including digital, to promote the diversARTy exhibition and Living & Learning Nillumbik.
  • In the event your work wins one of the People's Choice Awards, an image of your work may be used for promotional purposes.
Guideline for selling exhibited works

Sales of work during the exhibition are the responsibility of the artist.

Exhibited pieces must remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Some tips on how to successfully complete a sale:

  • Give the buyer your contact details
  • Take the buyer’s contact details
  • The sale is a negotiation between you and the buyer.
  • Give the buyer an invoice (proof of sale), with your terms and conditions, e.g. upfront full payment (usually expected for less expensive pieces) or payment of a deposit and full payment on handover of the artwork (common practice for more expensive pieces), title, and description of the piece sold, date, delivery or pick up conditions and amount owing.
  • You could also add information about artist’s rights, such as copyright, the right to re-exhibit or the right to information regarding the re-sale of works. See the Copyright Agency Limited website or the National Association for the Visual Arts’ website
  • Give the buyer a receipt for any money received (title of work, date and amount received).
Gallery guidelines
  • Art works cannot be installed on the mantel piece, seat, front or side walls of the fireplace, nor on any of the pillars.
  • Any use or installation of additional equipment must be discussed with Council prior to installation – talk to Erin first.
  • Use of internal walls, pillars or display boards are not allowed.
  • Use of banners, drapes, tables and other furniture must first be discussed with Council and will only be allowed with prior agreement – talk to Erin first.
  • Only Council produced labels can be used. These will be prepared using the information you have provided on your catalogue form.
  • Only Whitetac may be used to affix labels and mounted catalogues. This should be rolled off to prevent the painted surface from tearing off the mud brick wall. Do not place Bluetac, stickers or tape on the mud brick walls as this will cause damage.
  • If using Council plinths, two people must move each plinth. Plinths should not be dragged on a visible face. Plinths should be cleaned before and after use, and touched up with paint if required.

The Exhibitions Officer will be present at the installation and is responsible for the safety and integrity of the installation of the exhibition art works and will make the final decision regarding display of artworks.  Should any queries or debate arise as to installation of works, the Exhibitions Officer’s decision is final.

Contact us

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact us. 


Erin Elderhurst

Ph: 9433 3744




Our customer support team is available for phone and email enquiries:

Monday between 9am - 1pm

Tuesday to Friday between 9am - 1pm and between 1:30pm - 3pm.

Phone:   9433 3744

Email:    info.livinglearning@nillumbik.vic.gov.au