Health and safety

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. All staff, tutors, co-op coordinators and participants should:

  • avoid unsafe practices
  • encourage others to avoid unsafe practices
  • report any safety issues to the office. 

Safe Studio Practices

We are dedicated to running safe, clean and comfortable art and clay studios.

To ensure the health and safety of all users of the studio we have instituted Safe Studio Practices.

Our tutors know, understand and undertake Safe Studio Practices and all courses begin with information about them.

All participants are expected to abide by the Safe Studio Practices.

At the first session of your course you will be:

  • informed about safe studio practices
  • shown the hazardous materials register, risk assessment chart and where the material safety data sheets are kept
  • informed about personal protective equipment
  • informed about protective controls and processes in place in the studio.

At the first session you will be expected to:

  • read all the information given to you
  • inform yourself about the possible health effects of the materials you will be using
  • let the tutor or co-op coordinator know if you have any physical injury, condition or illness which may affect your activities in the studio, so the tutor can advise you of alternative approaches or find a suitable way to accommodate your needs
  • ask any questions you have regarding health and safety in the studio, the running of the studio or the content of the course.

At all subsequent sessions, please:

  • protect yourself and others by using safe studio practices
  • bring any health and safety issues and report any accidents to your tutor or co-op coordinator
  • continue to inform yourself about the possible health effects of materials used.