Introduction to Horticulture II

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This 8-week course is ideal for people who have completed Introduction to Horticulture Part 1 or who know a little about horticulture and would like to extend their skills. 

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In this Part 2 course, Justin will introduce a range of topics in Horticulture that are not covered in the Part 1 course.

This course is ideal for people who have completed Part 1, or know a little about horticulture, and are wanting to extend their knowledge and skills.

Working as a team with fellow participants, an operational farm and production nursery, you will gain a broad overview and practical, hands-on experience in topics such as:

  • soils
  • fertilisers and mulches
  • planting guilds
  • natives
  • construction
  • design

You will spend time outdoors (getting your hands dirty!) under the leadership of an experienced trainer and horticulturalist, along with time in the classroom learning basic theory and exploring study pathways




Course dates, hours and location

Dates: Tuesdays 8 October – 26 November

Time: 10am - 2:30pm

Location: Edendale Community Environment Farm, 30 Gastons Rd, Eltham


Government-subsidised funded - $80 enrolment fee.

You are eligible for a government subsidised fee if you are a permanent resident and/or Australian or New Zealand citizen who is not enrolled in mainstream secondary school. Please note we will need to sight your Green Medicare card to confirm your eligibility.

Concession card holder - $30 enrolment fee.

This fee is available to people who hold any of the following:

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veterans Gold Card.

Please note we will need to sight your card to confirm your eligibility. 

Full Fee or Third Party payment - $360 enrolment fee.

This fee is for participants who are either:

  • under 17 years of age
  • are not eligible for funded enrolment
  • receive funding from other sources (for example NDIS).
  • have participated in the same course in the same year.

Please note: if under 17 years of age and disengaged from school, participants will need to obtain an official Transition from School Form for us to sight.

Withdrawals and refunds

Refer to our Enrolment Terms and Conditions for information about withdrawals and refunds in our courses.

About the Tutor

Justin Calverley is a Horticultural expert with over twenty years’ experience.  His passion for the natural world began as a young inquisitive boy who never wanted to ‘come inside for dinner’ and has since developed into a rich and fulfilling career in horticultural design, construction and education.

Justin’s unique style, detailed knowledge and hands-on approach have become highly sought after on the presentation and public speaking circuit from Councils, Schools, training organisations and media. Justin’s consultation and design services are in high demand from novice to experienced home gardeners as well as private businesses such as nurseries.

Justin specializes in Horticultural Education, facilitating Horticultural and Permaculture workshops and presentations across Melbourne and country Victoria.  

Justin is a lead trainer in adult education at the award winning CERES Environmental Park, where for the past 10 years he has presented workshops on topics ranging from fruit and vegetable production to Bush foods, garden design to sustainable gardening, and more.

Justin Calverley

Justin is a founding member and broadcaster on Melbourne’s highly popular 3RRR’s horticultural show ‘Dirty Deeds’ which is now in its eighth year, and has appeared on various Television and Radio gardening programs including Channel 31’s ‘The Garden Tap’, “Vasilli’s Garden”, ABC’s ‘Can we help?’ and 3CR’s Gardening Show.

Justin's true passion is unquestionably edible gardens and he thrives on the opportunity to share his appreciation of nature, his knowledge of flora and fauna as well as his experiences in farming with those seeking to begin or to enhance their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.



What to Bring

Please bring:

Gardening Gloves
Covered shoes

Water Bottle and Lunch

Tea and coffee will be provided

Learning Pathways

The Adult Community & Further Education Board subsidises places in this course to support people to return to study, the workforce or volunteer work.  People completing this course may go on to certificate/qualification courses in areas such as horticulture, permaculture, landscape design, and production nursery.


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Expressions of Interest

If you are a concession card holder you will need to present your concession card at one of our centres prior to the start of the course in order to be eligible for the concession fee.