Support and Employment Resources

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If you would like to have a conversation about what study and employment support options are open to you as a carer, please call us on 9433 3744 or at

If you would like to have your say in what supports and activities we should include in the Carers Hub, please fill out this short survey

Further information about support options are available via the below links.

Support for Carers

Carers Victoria - Carers Victoria is the statewide voice for family carers, representing and providing support to carers

in Victoria.   2676 Carer VIC 30 Year Anniversary Logo_Inline (002).jpg

Carers Gateway - Carer Gateway is an Australian Government program providing free services and support for carers.

Carers Collective - A free local carer peer support group in Nillumbik and the northeast, made for carers, by carers.Carers Collective Horizontal Logo White Background.jpg

Carer Card program - Various discounts and concessions. Includes concession fares and free weekend travel on public transport. Recently expanded to give carers the same discounts as Senior Card holders. 

Carers Allowance  - An additional fortnightly payment if you give daily care to someone who has a disability, serious illness, or is frail aged. To see if you are eligible please see the website.

Carers Payment - An income support payment if you give constant care to someone who has a severe disability, illness, or an adult who is frail and old. To see if you are eligible please see the website.

Family Relationship Support for Carers (FRSC) -  FRSC can arrange a number of FREE counselling sessions to assist individuals, couples and families to work through issues connected to their caring role. Future planning forums help carers and families to make decisions for the future of the person they are caring for. FRSC also facilitate forums regarding skill development, self-care and other education topics for the carers, so that they may continue their role to support their family member with a disability (including intellectual, physical, neurological, Autism Spectrum Disorder, acquired brain injury, mental illness and sensory). 

Whittlesea Community Connections - If you live in Whittlesea, this organisation can support you with financial assistance, counselling, community transport and support to study or work. For more information contact Sadia at or 0475 256 618. 


Employment and Job Readiness

Jobs Victoria

 Jobs Victoria supports people looking for work and connects employers with the staff they need. They provide free information, advice and support in person, online, and on the phone.

  • Jobs Victoria Advocates Program - Our team of Jobs Victoria Advocates are out and about in communities throughout Victoria. They can connect you to support, training and resources to help you find a job.
  • Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors - Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors provide guidance to people who are looking for work or seeking a career change.
  • Jobs Victoria Mentors - Jobs Victoria Mentors help people to become work-ready and find a job that suits them, they also connect employers with local candidates.
  • Jobs Victoria online hub - The Jobs Victoria online hub matches people who are ready to work with employers who are looking for skilled and talented workers. When you register, you will receive job alerts that match your skills, experience and location.

Need help with finding employment, education or training? Banyule's Jobs Victoria Advocates can help you with localised information and support to finding meaningful employment. The new Jobs Victoria Advocate program aims to help people to connect in with localised employment, education and training support.

To find out more or to connect with one of Banyule's Jobs Advocates, visit

How can I refer someone? 

You can refer a job seeker or self-refer to Banyule City Council Advocates by: 

  • Filling in our short referral form here
  • Calling our Jobs Victoria Advocates team on 03 9049 3361 
  • Emailing

Whittlesea Community Connections also have a Jobs Advocate onsite - contact Sadia on 0475 256 618. 

Reconnect Program - The program assists participants to overcome the barriers preventing them from engaging in education, training and employment and provides support into further study or employment pathways.

Who can access Reconnect 2021? Learners referred to Reconnect 2021 must be:

  • Young people aged between 17- 19 years not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week).
  • Mature participants aged between 20-64 years; Unemployed for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week) and not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week).
  • Young people (17 to 24 years of age) who have been, or are currently on, Youth Justice Orders.
  • Asylum Seekers

Melbourne Polytechnic Skills and Job Centre – the centre provides expert advice on training and employment opportunities.  The centre is a community resource, funded by the state government. Our staff support people with their careers and match industry with skilled employees. Anybody can make an appointment to meet with our experienced advisors. There are no eligibility requirements. Contact them here.

Respite information

Healthability - provide respite supports and activities, either in your home, in the community or based in our centre that are tailored to your needs and the needs of the person you care for.

Merri Health - Merri Carer Services works in partnership with carers and offers a range of supports, services and activities to strengthen your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the person you are caring for. They provide respite and emergency respite services.

Travellers Aid - We are providing respite for unpaid carers who look after parents, partners, adult children, or other family members, so that they can have some time out to attend to their own personal needs such as a medical appointment, go shopping or just to have a rest. Our screened and trained volunteers or staff, can accompany recipients of the service to and from attractions, events, appointments or other day-to-day activities on public transport. This free service functions either as an added support for the Carer or as the replacement Carer.  

Childcare - This subsidy provides free childcare for carers. It can be used for pre-school or for before/after school care and holiday programs for primary school children. No income or activity test required. 


Young Carers