Technology and computers

Be Connected

Be Connected is a government funded program administered by Good Things Foundation.  The program aims to support 1 million Australians over 50 to get online by providing an opportunity to learn and practice computer and technology skills with the help of friendly volunteer digital mentors. 

Book an appointment or two with a volunteer digital mentor to answer your questions and support you with your computer learning journey.

Computer courses for everyone

ipad for beginners

Step by step, guided 'play' to gain familiarity and confidence with a range of different functions of an ipad.

Computer skills - update

Refresh your memory and update your Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook) and be ready to get back to work.

Computer tutoring 1 on 1

Develop your computer skills with a personal tutor.  

MailChimp e-newsletters

Discover the functionality of this amazing free online newsletter portal which will help to keep you in touch with your clients, community group members or even your extended family and friends.