Community events and social activities

Games and cuppa

An afternoon of fun, laughs, new connections and board games or perhaps a cuppa, bikkie and read a magazine if you prefer. Come and relax in a friendly social environment for an hour or two. There is no cost for this activity and you don't need to book although registering will help us with catering.

Community Gardening workshops Panton Hill

Join our weekly sessions with an experienced Horticulturist in our community garden at Panton Hill Neighbourhood House.

The DC Glee Club

Join this casual singing group to have a laugh and belt out some tunes together - no experience or skill necessary! Sing together in a fun and relaxed group.

Mother's Day kokedama workshop

Enjoy a cuppa and chat with Mum as you make beautiful kokedamas - a great way to celebrate Mother's Day!

Panton Hill Social Sessions 

Our Panton Hill Social Sessions are fun, creative and social activities that are free or low cost.

Red Hat Sparklers

If you enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places, then the Red Hat Sparklers group is for you.