Art and clay

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Art taster workshop - Free 

The taster will dip into a range of quick demonstrations in various mediums designed to inspire and delight. There will also be short, fun art warm-up activities and Q and A time. The tutor will bring in some art books to help people discover styles and mediums they would like to learn and chat one to one to learn about people's interests and art making goals


Arts for health

Increase mental health, well-being, confidence and social connection through art. Two groups are scheduled: a men's group and a women's group.

Art for kids

Enabling children to develop their natural curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm for art. Tuesday and Thursday after-school classes available. 

Art for teenagers

A fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere where teens can create within a group of peers with similar interests to their own.Tuesday and Thursday after-school classes available.

Botanical illustration

Focus on flowers, fruits and plant features - for beginners or those with experience. 

ClayTaster workshop

A fun short class if you have always wanted to give wheel-throwing a go.

Clay Firing and Clay Bag Purchase

Pre-purchase bulk clay firing and clay bags online.

Drawing Portraits

Learn how to draw the basic components of the face and head and put it all together into a portrait with our experienced tutor

Drawing the Figure

In this workshop you will be studying the structure of the body and how to draw it 

Exploring art styles and mediums

Discover your medium and your style - whether traditional or contemporary. Monday and Friday classes available. 

Introduction to Colour

In this workshop we will be using gouache as an introduction to colour as well as understanding hue, tint, tone and shade.

Japanese ink art

Create traditional Japanese sumie ink paintings and calligraphy on washi paper. Choose a beginners workshop or an "ongoing" workshop if you have done one of Junko's classes before.

Leadlight and glass art for beginners & beyond 

 Learn the beautiful art of leadlighting and working with glass. A daytime and an evening class scheduled.

Life drawing co-op

Join a relaxed, friendly group of artists for regular sessions working with a life model on Thursday evenings.

Learn macrame

Create a wall hanging to proudly hang in your home with the satisfaction of having made itwith your own hands in a relaxed and friendly class over 2 Saturdays.

Mosaics introduction

Workshops for beginners and MakerSpaces to continue after catching the 'mosaic bug' from our experienced tutors.  

Pottery for beginners and beyond 

Learn basic throwing, hand-building, glazing and decorating skills with our very knowledgeable tutors. We have evening classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and a morning class on Wednesday.  

Watercolour painting for beginners

Learn watercolour techniques, colour theory and drawing skills in this 7 week course.

Watercolour painting for intermediates

Build on your watercolour skills learnt in Watercolour painting for beginners. 

Watercolour painting: Water - Reflections, Snow and Movement

This short course covers different aspects of the medium, building skills and improving technique in the process. Saturday mornings.