Home, cooking and gardening

Beeswax wraps

Learn the skills to create your own beautiful beeswax wraps, which will change the way you store food. 

Community organic veggie gardening

Come along and get your hands dirty in the Eltham centre community organic veggie garden. Thursday mornings.

Galloping Gardeners

Tour a local garden with like minded group members and share tips, knowledge, and possibly even cuttings.

Kombucha and Kefir

Learn to make your own delicious homemade fermented drinks.

Punjabi Cooking

Learn how to cook a healthy, North West Indian, vegetarian meal from scratch using authentic ingredients. Enjoy eating what has been made after at the end of the session or take it home for your next main meal.

Sewing clothes for beginners

Learn the basics of sewing from a pattern and doing alterations to create your own clothes.   

Sourdough breadmaking

Learn how to make your own sourdough bread at home.