Craft, sewing and needlework

Also check out our craft MakerSpaces 

Craft for a cause

A fun day (and night) of demonstrations, craft and show-and-tell. Bring your own project and have some uninterrupted ‘you’ time. 

Craft and Cuppa for Carers

Join us for a monthly Carers Craft and Cuppa session in Diamond Creek, bring a friend, your own craft project or start something new. 

Easter Baskets

Upcycle an old basket to create a lovely new Easter decoration.

Learn macrame

Create two projects to proudly hang in your home with the satisfaction of having made them with your own hands in a relaxed and friendly class over 4 weeks.

Polymer clay earrings

Choose from the Thursday or Saturday morning series of workshops to learn a range of techniques for creating gorgeous polymer clay earrings. 

Sewing clothes for beginners

Learn the basics of sewing from a pattern and doing alterations to create your own clothes.