Books and writing

Creative writing - beginners

Get all those creative writing ideas down on paper. Learn about different genres: poetry, short-story, fiction, memoir. Develop skills and routines to help you perfect the craft  of writing in a friendly and supportive environment. 

Creative writing - beginners evening

Do you have stories you're burning to tell? Or know in your heart you're supposed to write? This course is for you. You'll learn how to develop a writing practice, find your creative voice, improve your language skills and craft meaningful stories. Suitable for beginner and developing writers. 

Creative writing - Literary Optimists

For experienced writers. Join this group of passionate writers who are interested in honing their skills and working on publication in a supportive group of like-minded people.


Unleash your creativity

Calling all writers, makers, artists and other creatives. Learn how to unleash your full creative potential.


Second Wednesday book club

These monthly sessions discuss great books over supper.