Our tutors

Our tutors are the key to our dynamic short course program. They bring skill, experience and a passion to teach and contribute greatly to the character of Living & Learning Nillumbik, and to the wider community.

Where do our tutors come from?

Our tutors come to us from various backgrounds and experiences. Often, local community members who have skills, abilities and talents that they wish to share, offer to tutor. Other tutors are sourced directly in response to community needs. 

Volunteer Tutors

The vast majority of our tutors are volunteers. Volunteers have been the cornerstone on which our centres have been built. Voluntary sharing of skills remains a vital aspect of our community strengthening role. We continue to marvel at the generosity, wisdom and talents of people who volunteer their time to teach. Find out more about volunteering.

What can you expect from our tutors?

Adult learning is shared learning, based on co-operation, self-direction and personal responsibility where the tutor is your guide and partner on your learning journey.

You can expect your tutor to respect you, to provide a relaxed learning environment and to be prepared with an appropriate course outline which endeavours to accommodate individual needs.

What do we expect of our tutors?

We expect that our tutors enjoy helping others to learn, are good at communication and have knowledge, expertise or skills in a particular area.

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