MakerSpace FAQs

What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a space such as an art studio, a pottery studio, a room or a garden where people can get together to make things, learn and share skills, ideas, information and inspiration as well as create friendships and share the joy of making in a flexible, accessible way. 

People join a MakerSpace by paying a yearly membership fee for the specific MakerSpace and attending as often as they like.

Why making matters

Making together develops creativity, teamwork, friendships and skills.  Makers build on the ideas of others and enjoy learning and practicing new skills.

What is the difference between a MakerSpace and a course?

A course is a structured program or activity that is taught by a tutor. MakerSpace members share their skills with other members.  A MakerSpace Coordinator will support the members to manage their space and to be a link between the members and the Program Coordinator.

Studio space is limited and there is no guarantee you will have a spot in the Studio at every session. 

Maker Spaces will not have a term structure and can be open during the school holidays.  Program Coordinators will determine, in consultation with the MakerSpaces, the start and finish dates.

Are there any costs?

Most general MakerSpaces have a $70 per calendar year membership fee.  Some MakerSpaces have a higher annual membership fee to take into account the specialist equipment and materials required, e.g. pottery, lead lighting.  Each MakerSpace has one Coordinator who joins the group free of charge in exchange for performing the role of MakerSpace Coordinator.

How are you able to keep MakerSpaces so affordable?

MakerSpaces are more affordable because they are coordinated by volunteers and the operating costs are covered by a larger membership base. For some Makerspaces with limited room space this means that you are not guaranteed a spot in every session.

What happens if I am going on holiday or join later in the year?

There are two prices for Makerspace membership - one for those starting in the first half of the year and one for those who join after mid-year (50% fee) due to the shortened possible membership period of only 6 months. There is no other pro rata discount or concession.

Living & Learning Nillumbik has a hardship policy so if you are experiencing difficulty in paying please speak to one of our Program Coordinators.

Am I guaranteed a spot in every session?

No. We need a larger membership base to keep the cost to you affordable. 

What equipment is available in the MakerSpace?

Depending on the particular MakerSpace, there will be some equipment available to use.  As an example the craft MakerSpaces have irons, rulers, ironing and cutting boards that members can use.  We often receive donations of materials that are passed on to the relevant MakerSpace.

You are also welcome to bring equipment, for your own use, if in good working order, eg. a sewing machine. Living & Learning Nillumbik cannot accept any responsibility for personal equipment.

What time is the MakerSpace open?

The MakerSpaces are open at different times.  Some are open monthly for a whole day, others weekly.  Check out the individual MakerSpace information.

Can we start a new MakerSpace?

We are always looking for new ideas to add to our community program.  If you have an idea for a MakerSpace speak to one of our Program Coordinators.

Can I come and try it out before I join?

Yes, we encourage people to try one session for free before joining if they wish.

Please give your details (name, contact details and emergency contact) to reception and sign the attendance sheet when you attend.

How can I help with the MakerSpaces?

You can donate materials or equipment or volunteer to coordinate a MakerSpace.  Just speak to one of our Program Coordinators.

Can anyone join?

A MakerSpace is not a closed group – it is open to all.  Note: Because our activities are subject to Working with Children legislation, if a person wishes to attend but is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must accompany them.

Do I need previous experience?

The MakerSpaces do not offer tuition, however, we do offer introductory workshops and courses throughout the year. Once you feel confident that you can work on your own project you are welcome to join the MakerSpace of your choice. 

There are additional criteria for the Lead lighting and Clay MakerSpaces.  These MakerSpaces are only for people who are experienced in, and understand the health and safety issues inherent in working with these materials. You must be able to work confidently and independently on your own projects. Please check with the Coordinator if you are unsure. We hold “beginners and beyond” courses in both these art forms.

How do I join a MakerSpace?

Contact Living & Learning Nillumbik on (03) 9433 3744 or (03) 9433 3766 and let us know which MakerSpace you would like to join.  You can pay your membership fee by credit card over the phone or bring a completed form into any of our centres with cash, cheque, or credit card or mail your enrolment form with a cheque to one of our centres.

Please note that no refunds are possible for MakerSpace memberships.

Once I have joined what happens next?

You are free to enjoy the MakerSpace you have joined as often as you wish and for as long as you like during the nominated MakerSpace time slot.

You will need to register each time you attend a MakerSpace by signing the weekly attendance sheet.  By signing in you confirm that you accept:

  • That you have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for all MakerSpace members including the setting up and use of equipment in good working order, and ensuring your actions do not cause danger to others.
  • That Living & Learning Nillumbik and Nillumbik Shire Council cannot accept liability for any failures or accidents relating to your equipment.