Sports Shoe Recycling Drive

Published on 18 August 2023

Sports Shoe Recycling Drive.png

Panton Hill Neighbourhood House has initiated a Sports Shoe Recycling Drive to help reduce ongoing impacts on our environment. 

Did you know that sports shoes take 1000 years to break down? Each year 27 million sports shoes arrive in Australia. When they are worn out, they usually go into landfill.

If recycled through the amazing Tread Lightly initiative, shoes can be broken down and recycled to produce rubber mats and many other products. 

To contribute, drop your old sports shoes (or thongs, hiking boots, footy boots, leather school shoes) to one of Living & Learning Nillumbik’s three Neighbourhood Houses (Panton Hill, Diamond Creek, or Eltham). We will pass them on to Tread Lightly for recycling. 

Thanks to the Panton Hill Neighbourhood House community for establishing this drive and supporting the Nillumbik community to recycle. 

 For more information contact our team on 9433 3744 or email