Introducing Social Planet

Published on 06 June 2024

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Living & Learning Nillumbik now uses an online booking platform called Social Planet.

Social Planet has been developed specifically for neighbourhood houses and their communities, so is a perfect fit for Living & Learning Nillumbik.

It is safe and easy to use, so you can quickly and easily book in to any of our course or activities.

We have already begun using Social Planet for our Carers Hub and Skills Hub activities and we’re happy to say the feedback has been positive.

We asked one of ours long-standing Living & Learning Nillumbik community members, Sabi, for feedback on the new booking process:

“I’m tentative with these things, and I found it pretty straightforward.

I could follow it so many other people could too.” 

Term 3 enrolments: when and how to enrol

Our Term 3 activities will be available to enrol from 11 June.

From 11 June all our activities will have an ENROL HERE option next to them.

To book, click on the ENROL HERE link: this will take you to Social Planet to complete your enrolment.

Please note: the ENROL HERE link will not appear until enrolments open 11 June.

More information

If you would like more information visit our How to Enrol with Us page.

This holds an overview of the booking process, together with screenshots so you can see what to expect.

For now, take a look here at our


If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section below, or reach out to us on 9433 3744 or


Frequently asked questions

What is Social Planet?

Social Planet is a Melbourne-based community development website.

Their vision is to support communities so that friendships and social connections can flourish.

For more on Social Planet visit their website:

Is there anything I need to know before I book?

  • We ask that you read our Enrolment Terms and Conditions before making your booking.

    You can find our Terms and Conditions here.

  • The course or activity description will hold any course-specific information you need to know.

  • To avoid confusion, please note that transactions will appear as Social Planet Mornington on your credit card or bank statement.

Our team are here to help. Please reach out to our Customer Support team if you would like assistance.


Why has Living & Learning Nillumbik changed booking platforms?

There are two key reasons why this change has happened.

  1. We’ve listened to feedback.

    We understand that our previous system was challenging at times.

    As a result, we have invested in a more appropriate and easier to use platform.


  2.  L&LN was previously a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) responsible for delivering qualification training.

We no longer operate as an RTO, meaning we no longer need the complex booking platform we were using.

Instead, we can use an appropriate community-focussed booking platform to ensure easy booking processes.  


Do I have to book online now?

No. If you would like to speak to someone to make your booking, you can contact our customer support team:

Phone:         9433 3744                                


If you would like to pay in person with cash, you can visit one of our Living & Learning Hubs during opening hours.

Find our Reception opening hours here.


Where can I find your activities online? Do I need to visit a different website?

Where can I find your activities online? Do I need to visit a different website?

All our activities are listed on our Living & Learning Nillumbik website.

Once you have found the activity you’d like to book, click on the ENROL HERE link: this will take you to the Social Planet website to complete your booking.

Please note the ENROL HERE link will not appear before enrolment opens. 

We are here to help. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Support team:

Phone:         9433 3744