Community gardening

Whether you are an experienced gardener or absolute beginner, everyone is welcome to join this group. It's free, Thursdays 9.30-11am, at out Eltham center. You can:

  • Share gardening skills, tips and tricks
  • Meet new people
  • Grow fresh food to share.

Register at the office. Regular attendance is not required - drop in when you like. 

Ways that you can be involved

  • Attend gardening sessions and get your hands dirty planting, propagating, weeding, composting
  • Donate items to the garden e.g. cuttings or seeds collected from your home garden, food waste for compost
  • Create artwork for the garden in class, e.g. mosaics, pottery
  • Share gardening knowledge/skills with the group
  • A ‘food swap’ - bring things from your home garden to swap with others
  • Once we are ready to harvest a crop, have a community lunch.