What our students say

"Over the course of my studying life I have attended 3 different universities and three different TAFES, but the educational experience I had with Living & Learning Nillumbik was, without a doubt, the most inspiring, invigorating, supportive and inclusive tertiary experience I have ever had…  I hope I will be in a position to do my Diploma in the next few years, and I won't be doing it with anyone but Living & Learning Nillumbik!"

“Before I began I was unsure as to how I would manage studying and keeping up with family duties…Thanks to the amazing trainers and staff at Nillumbik…I felt very much in control of my studies due to their support, understanding and being flexible to my needs.”
“My goal was to find a job and I achieved that by getting a job offer even before I had finished the course.”

What the employers say

“I find the professional attitude of your students above average, and they are clearly having professional practice conversations prior to arriving at placement, which clearly has the students at an advantage over the RTOs with a churn them out attitude.”

“The quality of education is great. We find that the students at L&LN finish with a great knowledge and understanding of Early Childhood”
“…the majority of our staff did their training with Living & Learning Nillumbik… some have been here for over 10 years. Thank you all so much.”