About courses and activities

Short courses include a variety of structured courses, workshops, co-ops and activities.

They are a fantastic way to:

  • have fun learning something new
  • meet new people
  • share skills
  • upgrade your business, communication and computer skills
  • start your journey towards a new career.


A course is a program of planned, structured learning activities designed to help you to gain new knowledge and skills, and progress towards a specific learning goal.

Some of our short courses lead to a nationally recognised certificate you may need for your job. Others can help you prepare for work or start a new career, and many of these have government-subsidised places available. 


Workshops are practical sessions that can be structured or may be more free-flowing.


MakerSpaces are creative, social spaces coordinated by volunteers and provide opportunities for people to share, learn and connect.

There are various MakerSpaces at different locations. MakerSpace members receive a card which entitles them to local shopping and service discounts.


Activities are a range of opportunities such as events, excursions, fund-raising activities and social get-togethers.