Adult Community Education


Adult Community Further Education (in the Victorian Department of Education and Training).

Refers to programs funded by the Victorian Government through the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board. The ACFE Board was established in March 1992 under the Adult, Community and Further Education Act 1991 to support the development of Adult, Community and Further Education.  ACFE programs are also known as 'Learn Local' programs' and are offered within the adult and community education (ACE) sector.

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Skill-sharing co-ops are interactive un-tutored groups which meet on a regular basis to share skills and information. Co-ops may be open to new participants or, in consultation with the Program Coordinator, they may be closed groups.

Co-op coordinator

Co-op coordinators are co-op participants who volunteer to assist the Program Coordinator with the administration of co-op activities.


Courses are programs of structured learning activities that impart information or skills and progress towards a specific learning outcome.

Course tutor

Course tutors organise and deliver planned and structured lessons and activities which are goal oriented and responsive to the needs of individual adult learners.

Learn Local

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A MakerSpace is a room, a studio, a place where people get together to create things in the company of other makers. They are creative, social spaces, coordinated by volunteers, which provide opportunities for people to share, learn and connect.

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MakerSpace coordinator

MakerSpace coordinators are participants who volunteer to assist the Program Coordinator with the administration of the MakerSpace.


Qualified teacher of qualification courses.


A teacher of short courses.


Vocational Education and Training

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