Feedback from our students and employers is an important part of our ongoing planning. 

We obtain this formally through our regular survey process and sometimes people just like to tell us about their experiences when studying with us.  

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

"Debbie has been an exceptional trainer. She is patient, all-knowing, caring, resourceful and passionate about quality training (and, as the case may be, assessment). 

She was always a pleasure to be around, had excellent real-life examples and was able to tailor the program to suit her learners – which wouldn’t’ve been easy as we were a very diverse bunch!"



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Living & Learning Nillumbik and in particular Karyn Argus for the fantastic 16 weeks past. I believe I speak for many on the course when I say that we had found ourselves at a crossroads regarding our personal development and ability to learn .. or should I say motivation to do so.

I am sure many felt apprehensive and discouraged by the lack of respect or understanding that industry colleagues had of our experience, skills and knowledge. We were looking for the opportunity to once again shine and set the record straight.

Karyn is an excellent trainer and has been a breath of fresh air. Her ability to extend knowledge to the team and draw out of each of us the best, is marvellous.

The course has symbolised the rebirth of the learning process for me and Karyn has "added the water" to make learning fun and a "want" again. She has been the catalyst for many of us to believe and to grow. I never thought I would return to formal studies again. Why did I wait so long?

Karyn is not only a trainer, but educator and teacher all in one package. Well done for believing in us and thank you Living & Learning Nillumbik."



Certificate III in Aged Care/ Home and Community Care

"Whilst on my practical placement there were two staff members of the nursing home that have been there for a long time said that  Living and Learning Nillumbik have the best students out of all the students they take on.

They said our training is just fantastic and covers so much.  The nursing home I did my placement at was a plesure to work at and they just think the standard of training you provide is outstanding.

I also applied for a job with a local council for HACC work and when I was in the interview process I was asked some scenarios in the HACC field and when I answered them they had replied 'gee you can tell you have been trained by Living & Learning as you have covered it all' so I just thought this is great feed back." 



Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

"I had 30 years experience working with children before I started the course, and didn't think I would learn anything new doing the course.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  I learnt SO much about working with children, SO much about other people, and SO much about myself! 

Over the course of my studying life I have attended 3 different universities and three different TAFES, but the educational experience I had with Living & Learning Nillumbik was, without a doubt, the most inspiring, invigorating, supportive and inclusive tertiary experience I have ever had. 

The trainers were so enthusiastic, patient, motivational and compassionate.  They were flexible and understanding, and firmly committed to helping us students not only achieve our goal of earning the certificate, but navigating our way through the industry to secure the right job.  The hands-on practical approach during our student placements and play groups at Edendale provided such valuable experience, and the vibrant, stimulating conversations during class proved to me, over and over, that there were priceless benefits to being part of a class and learning community, that could never be replicated doing the course on line. 

I hope I will be in a position to do my Diploma in the next few years, and I won't be doing it with anyone but Living & Learning Nillumbik!"



Certificate III in Childrens Services

"Hi Angie - I wanted to give you some feedback from Ros, the teacher and Director of ....... Pre-school, who is impressed with the course being delivered by Nillumbik Living & Learning. She has looked through my bookwork and we have been debriefing at the end of every day.    

She is impressed with the knowledge that I have and what we are being taught. She said that I am better than some of the fourth year Bachelors that she sees coming through.

I wanted to let you know this feedback and to say thank you for everything you have taught us. I am seeing so much in practice of what you teach. So thank you for all your hard work and knowledge you have given me."