Clare's story


"After I completed VCE, I organised an event in an Aged Care Facility and I fell in love accommodating the elderly and absolutely loved working in a nurturing environment. I went home one night and told my family "I have found my calling in life" and knew this was the field I just had to explore. I was 19 years of age.

I had heard great feedback from people who had attended Living & Learning Nillumbik, and the fact that it was close to my home was ideal. I found the staff extremely helpful and friendly and their method of teaching / training was practical, encouraging and simplified. My placement during this course was at Leith Park Old Colonist Association located in St. Helena and prior to finishing placement I was absolutely thrilled to be offered employment once I completed my course.

I have been working at Leith Park for the past 3 years and the staff have been very supportive - to the point that they have pushed and encouraged me to advance my future and study Nursing. I am now back studying Nursing at ACU part time and continue working at Leith Park.

Whilst writing this, I feel extremely fortunate reflecting back on my journey that has given me these wonderful opportunities to enhance my future.

Thank you Living & Learning Nillumbik for making this possible."