Practical Marketing for Makers


This course has been developed specifically for "makers" - artists, atisans, craftspeople. 

If you are a creative maker who wants to work on how to market your own unique hand-made product, this practical short, "essentials" course is for you.

Are you asking yourself:

  • How can I stand out at markets?
  • How do I price my products?
  • How can I reach "my" customers?

This series of 3 workshops will present the essentials of brand identity, product research, pricing and marketing. You will finish the course with practical outcomes and there will be work assigned outside the classroom.


What people said after doing this course

"The course was fabulous, thank you. It brought into clearer focus what steps I will need to take to start promoting my own work through cyberspace. I continue to study the websites you highlighted and you can be certain that I will be referring back to my notes over the next few months."

"I found the course to be an amazing opportunity to help get on track to where I want to be. The group was fantastic to see that other people are going through similar processes (doubts, hurdles etc.) to launch their own brand.

"Victoria provided information to each of us that was relevant to our business to gain a better understanding of the market. Since the course, I have done some assessment of my image/product and have been busy formulating ideas behind the scenes to make changes to my website. Victoria has a wealth of information, we just need to work out how to clone her!"