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Phone: 9433 3744


Living & Learning Nillumbik has three centres:

Diamond Creek

119 Cowin Street
Diamond Creek 3089
Melway 12 A5

Office hours: Monday 9am-12noon, Tuesday-Thursday 9am-3pm

The centre reopens at 9am on Tuesday 29 January 2019.

The Diamond Creek centre is next to the Ness Reserve Preschool, which shares the car park. Cowin St. is off  Chute St, near Nillumbik Cellars.


739 Main Road
Eltham 3095
Melway 21 J7

Office hours: Monday 9am-12.30pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm

The Eltham centre is on the opposite side of the road to the Eltham Hotel. (It's not the Community Centre diagonally opposite the Pub). Our driveway is directly opposite Café Zen Den and next door to the new fire station. Our centre carpark is behind the double-storey red brick building that fronts onto Main Road.

Panton Hill

18 Bishops Road
Panton Hill 3759
Melway 263 K9

Office hours: Monday 9am-12noon, Tuesday 9am-1pm, Wednesday 9am-1pm

The centre reopens 9am Monday 4 February 2019. 

The Panton Hill centre is next to the AR Cracknell Reserve oval. Bishops Road is off the Kangaroo Ground-St. Andrews Rd. Turn right at the second roundabout when travelling from Kangaroo Ground, just past the Panton Hill General Store. Parking is available on site.